A Strong Sex Toy Manufacturer In China

We possess an independent manufacturing factory covering an area of more than 3500 square meters housing 100 staff members.

Well-managed workshops in Meetvibrators includes designing center, silica gel workshop, injection workshop, molding workshop, assembly workshop, testing center, packaging workshop. We are able to cycle through many of your orders while maintaining a safe working space.

You can enjoy a variety of sex toys produced from capable designers, involving graphic designer, structurel engineer and mechatronics engineers, with their hands-on experience on how to improve your end users’ pleasure.

Premium Raw Materials

Meetvibrators purchases plastic materials from the largest plastic raw material supply market. Every type of material is compliant with cerftifications like RoHs, CP 65, Reach and Phthalate free.

We screen every component that comes through us. All raw materials provide professional certificates that evaluated suppliers rely on.

Using food-grade silicone or medical silica gel that lack phosphorus helps us prevent any risks to your end users. Make the most out of our premium goods in order to appease your customers.


Core Coponents Inspection

We offer safe sex toy productions thanks to our systematic production management and full quality inspection system.

First, we check our materials to see if they are non-toxic by ensuring they lack phosphorus or high lead content.

Afterwards, we identify any defects that could endanger your end users through prolonged use. We comply with certifications and rules, such as the RoHS Directive and the Low Voltage Directive, for better quality.


Full Inspection For High Performing Products

Every test conducted ensures that our adult products are at peak performance.

We identify the presence of any toxins in our materials and identify hardness and texture for our products. The noise test makes use a decibel meter.

Our waterproof tests and functional tests guarantee that every product performs optimally for longer periods.We inspect every sex toy for any appearance defects, such as black spots or whether there is bulging, scratches and odor.